About Trinity Landscaping Company

Trinity Landscaping is a well established award-winning company, specializing in personal, custom landscaping services ranging from large estates to boutique courtyards. Knowledge of the distinct Colorado climate over the past 30 years allow us to select the right plants, flowers, trees and shrubs for any project. Our artistic approach allows growth and beauty for years to come. For a free assesment of your next landscape project, please contact Brian Holt at 303.324.7412 or brian@trinitylandscaping.net.


Brian Holt is a true artist when it comes to making a yard come to life with color! One of our greatest joys is tepping outside into Brian's creation and being overwhelmed with the beauty that he has created for us. Our landscaping has been transformed into a place of tranquility and we are so blessed to have had Trinity Landscapoing and all of the talents of Brian Holt and crew work with us. Briand is a true professional and creates his masterpieces with his heart and soul.


Brian Holt has been a member of our family's housing and yard area for more than 25 years. He has produced a floral yard that causes everyone to come see it. Even the Botanic Gardens of Denver wanted to take their members through our yard. Our family and friends love to see the seasonal changes that Brian can dream up. He even creates spectacular logiage inside our pool area. No one can beat Brian's artistic flair. He has an eye for style, color and design and knows what thrives in Colorado's climate.

-Ruth & Tom Keesling

When we asked Brian to help us create a yard that we could enjoy year round in Colorado, we could not have picked a better professional. Brian's experience in Colorado allowed him to create a yard with tremendous color throughout the year. The plants and flowers thrived in our various weather conditions because he completely understands soil conditions, moisture requirements and lighting needs of an incredible array of flowers, plants, trees and shrubs. Not only did we enjoy our beautiful yard year round, but we always had people stopping by to ask who had done our yard and indeed received temendous feedback on how beautiful it was. I specifically remembered one neighbor a couple of blocks away that walked by and commented, "My wife would not let me put any moss rock in and I love what you have done!" We had Brian select a large variety of Colorado granite boulders to use as borders for a few of the flower beds. When someone would as where we lived in the neighborhood, all we had to say was are you familiar with the house that has the flowers and three big pines on the corner and immediate recognition would light up their face and they would exlaim, "Oh! You're yard is so beautiful!" So, what was a fun and successful project for us became a delightful shared visual experience not only for neighbors, but anyone visiting the neighborhood.

-Michael Haines